What is the benefit of an OE pedigree?


Having an OE pedigree gives TRW the edge as all our OE experience, safety knowledge and technical expertise directly translates into our aftermarket offer. This means that we utilize the latest OE designs to restore the Steering and Suspension system back to its original operating performance. And by developing the technologies which sit behind the parts, we are able to manufacture components which work in harmony, both with each other and within the system, making installation easy, fast and accurate.


What are the benefits of low-friction technology?


The internals of rotational parts consist of highly polished full ball studs, that have been heat treated for maximum durability and encapsulated by low-friction polymer bearings. When these parts are complemented by low-friction polymer bearings, you get the safest, most efficient and highest performing parts. This is because low friction technology provides maximum grease distribution which results in lower wear and higher durability to road shocks. Original steering performance and feel just as the VM intended. High temperature grease and modern materials allow for endurance in all terrains, temperatures and duty cycles.


Why sealed for life?


TRW units are in most cases sealed for life and require no maintenance across the life of the part.  Most service outlets don’t grease joints as the OE spec doesn’t call for it; and it is overlooked.  This causes premature wear of the part as contaminants are not flushed through and lubrication is not present. Sealed for life components never need greasing and will perform as they were originally intended.


How do components in a modern steering and suspension system work together?


Modern vehicles are highly complex systems in which all components work together for the designed handling characteristics of the vehicle. We design and manufacture our parts to work in harmony with the most up to date systems, and utilize innovations such as sealed for life and low friction technologies to ensure that modern vehicles will operate as intended.


How is TRW integrating aftermarket solutions to their existing OE design parts?


Over half of TRW sales coverage includes OE product, ease-of-installation attributes and serviceable designs where required. We have improved our products to include aftermarket features such as sealed for life design, knurled ball joint housings, greaseable truck ball joints and increased tie rod wrench flats. We get the aftermarket would prefer not to change the control arm and we are moving to the knurled designs on all new numbers. Most OE tie rod ends only come with 2 wrench flats. TRW is moving towards providing 4 or even 6 wrench flats on our line of tie rod ends and stabilizer links, to ease the installation process.


How do we schedule field training for my region and or store?


Submit request to you TRW Territory Account Manager.


How do we schedule the TRW training van for my area?


Submit request to you TRW Territory Account Manager minimum of 6 weeks from date needed.


Does TRW offer installer training work sessions? If so, how do we schedule one for my area or region?


Yes, Installer training sessions requested through your TRW Territory Account Manager. Request preferably submitted 90 days in advance to secure trainer.


Is there anything like the lunch and learn sessions from the old supplier?


Yes, Lunch and Learn sessions are available from the dedicated TRW Fisher Territory managers and TRW/ZF training team. Van available for these sessions.


How do we place a special order for a non-stocking part?


Special orders will be submitted and process through G-Commerce VIC system from the Fisher POS system. No minimum order and store team can select freight options of their choice.


I noticed that there are several countries of origin on the package? Why is that?


By law, we are obligated to post on the carton, most likely the label, the origin of the product inside the box.  Usually, this is one  country that has the majority of the value, including labor.  There could be cases where many components of equal value are used and we could include all of the COO’s or list it as various.
If your question is where do we manufacture our product as you have seen several COO’s, the answer is that we manufacture product in fourteen countries today all with the same OE specification and testing protocols to ensure you receive the highest quality product available.

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